The Art O Dreamin' is a company that designs Laser or CNC cut Metal or Wood Art Furniture created from digital 3d vector computer models. We design Sofabeds featured below, Benches, Aviaries, Planters, Gates, Fences....You name it and we can design it.

The Functional idea for our "Sectional Sofa Beds" grew out of a search for a comfortable bed that could convert to a daytime use as a sofa -- an exhaustive hunt revealed that no such thing existed. Laura suggested splitting a queen-size bed lengthwise, and hinging it at one end so that it could be swung into an "open position" and become useful as an l-shapped sofa.

A headboard that would also split to form decorative ends to the sofa was conceived. The resultant series defines a new concept in furniture -- a secional sleeper that is both a comfortable queen-size bed and a comfortable sofa -- an ideal piece for a den or for "spare" rooms in any home or the perfect functioning piece in studio loft apartments


Please click Below to see a movie of one of our Sofa Designs


The following Galleries represent some variations of the design.

  • Image of Fireworks Prototype Design
  • Image of Fireworks Prototype Design
  • Image of Fireworks Prototype Design