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The following Gallery represents fictious websites I designed to obtain my Web Design Certificate at Sessions College for Professional Design. Clicking on the images will take you to each Website.

Web Design I and Dreamweaver

  • Visit Beatrice Salon Image
  • Singing Crab
  • Dreamweaver Web Design
  • Arts and Crafts Image
  • HTML Exercise
  • silversparks website
  • Dreamweaver Web Design

Wordpress Websites

  • Click to Visit the Cedar WaxWing Website
  • Wordpress is a powerful CMS web software used to create websites, blogs, and social networking sites (BuddyPress). Since it is open source, you have a choice of many widgets and add ons. I have a Themify membership and use their themes and builder to create my Wordpress sites. Below is an example of some of my Wordpress.org sites:

  • Visit Dezign2the9z website
  • Visit my Avicultural Website
  • Visit the folio fantasy website

Shutterfly Share Sites

  • shutterfly site example

Click to see an example of a Shutterfly site. Shutterfly share sites are great for sharing photos and information with groups. I use it on most of my architectural projects to keep Plans and all information at easy reach for clients designers, and contractors and suppliers.

Wix Websites

  • A Wix Web Design image and Link

Wix is a "do it yourself" site for people who want the option to code or not to code. There is a wide range of design templates to choose from. This website example is my architectural companies website. It's one of the more difficult sites and is done in flash although all future Wix website templates are now created in HTML/CSS.